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Options for Payment Authorization

Please use one of the following options to
Authorize your Purchase!

If you wish to pay by VISA, M/C, AMEX, Diner's Club, or Discover Card
you may provide your credit card payment authorization
using  our online ULTRA-SECURE ENCRYPTED form.
To enter our secure area, please follow these instructions:

(Our original and exclusive three-part E-mail form set has been discontinued.)

To send your Purchase Order number by e-mail to:
rjsayer ~at~ photoplotstore ~dot~ com
In order to bypass our SPAM filters, be sure to use "photoplot" in the subject line.

You may also fax your  Purchase Order to +1 720 316 7998 (Secure Fax).
(Fax to Secure/Encrypted Email via Skype and

To pay for your order via PayPal, we've established a very simple procedure.  After you approve the check plot, we will then send your order to manufacturing and we will also send you an invoice via email.  We will then follow up via email with a PayPal Payment Request.  Simply respond with your payment.  PayPal will provide you with a payment receipt.  It's that easy.
If you wish to pay by International Wire Transfer
please Click Here to review our standard policies, terms, and conditions.
Then contact Richard Sayer to advise of your payment.
We also accept payment via automatic deposit/wire transfer.


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