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Low Reflective Chrome (info) on Print Grade Soda Lime (S/L) Glass or Quartz (spec's)
No premium for Iron Oxide (I/O) and Blue Chrome.
White Crown (B270), BK7, Sapphire, Opal, Ceramic substrates available on special request.
Etch and fill, and circular masks also available.
Custom Shapes & Sizes from 0.5" square to 24" x 30".
Bargain Prices - Great Quality
(see specifications & ordering info)
Data conversions and shipping are in addition to the prices shown below.
Important: Please review our recommended Design Rules before submitting your design file!
The more your design conforms to these design rules, the faster we can process your order!
The more work we have to do to prepare your design for the plotter to use,
the more it will cost and the longer it will take!
The following prices are subject to change without notice.
Please follow the NEW instructions below.
Min. Feature/Space Size ►
mask size & material ▼
+/- 1.0 um
5 to 9.9m
+/- 0.5 um
3 to 4.9m
+/-0.3 um
2.0 to2.9m
0.3 um
Less than 2um-subject to Design Review PolyCoat
2.5" sq. x 0.060" S/L
(63.5 sq. x 1.5 mm)
$95.00 $140.00 $220.00 $290.00 $360.00 $20.00
3" sq. x 0.060" S/L
 (76.2 sq. x 1.5 mm)
$120.00 $190.00 $240.00 $305.00 $390.00 $20.00
4" sq. x 0.060" S/L
(101.6 sq. x 1.5/2.3 mm)
$140.00 $200.00 $265.00 $335.00 $420.00 $25.00
5" sq. x 0.090" S/L
(127 sq. x 2.3 mm)
$190.00 $260.00 $310.00 $390.00 $475.00 $25.00
6" sq. x 0.090" S/L
(152.4 sq. x 2.3 mm)
$305.00 $370.00 $415.00 $505.00 $610.00 $35.00
7" sq. x 0.120" S/L
(177.8 sq. x 3 mm)
$400.00 $490.00 $635.00 $740.00 $840.00 $45.00

How to determine the value of your order:

  1. Start with the price of the Photomask as listed in the table above.

  2. Add $100.00 if Quartz substrate is required. (Typical for short-wavelength UV-B exposure systems.)

  3. Add the applicable Data Conversion Fee of $25.00 per mask. For example, a drawing file for a 2-mask set would incur a $50.00 data conversion fee. This fee is waived if the data is provided in write-ready Gerber 274-X format.

  4. We will also include in the quotation a line-item for our "Poly Nano Coat", a clear protective coating that provides for easy cleaning, added durability and abrasion resistance. This new PolyCoating product acts like RainX on the mask. It's a permanent coating that seals micro-pores in the mask substrate and is covalently bonded to the mask surface and chrome. It's perfectly clear and only 5nm thick and has virtually no effect on the image quality of the mask.

  5. Add shipping, and sales taxes where applicable. (Shipping may be billed directly to your account, or prepaid and added to the invoice. Taxes and import fees on international shipments are typically collected by the freight carrier upon delivery of the shipment.)


Standard specifications include:
The current New Optics produces a corner radius is 0.5 microns;
Custom Sizes and Shapes from 0.5" square up to 24" x 30" - Quotes upon request
Maximum plate thickness allowable is 12 mm. No minimum thickness restrictions.
Some Special orders, shapes, materials, processes or sizes MAY incur an extensive lead time.
Low Reflective (L/R) Chrome image media on Print Grade Soda Lime Glass substrate;
Clear Field masks are typically clear to within about a mm or so of the edge, where a narrow chrome margin may exist.
If you need to have it clear all the way to the edge of the mask, then please include this request in the
"Additional Information" text box at the bottom of the RFQ/Order form.
Unless otherwise specified, titling will be placed along the lower edge of the mask for job identification.
Limited Warrantee: If, within 10 business days of delivery, and before the product has been used in production, you can provide us with photographic evidence that your mask is unusable due to manufacturing defects such as pinholes, chrome spots, or scratches, then they will will replace it at our expense. Please inspect your mask thoroughly for defects and dimensional qualities immediately upon receipt of your shipment. We cannot accept responsibility for mask problems that are discovered after the mask has been used.
Features within 0.4" (10 mm) of the edge of the mask may vary in size due to the "edge bead" of the photoresist.
Positioning Tolerance/Registration: approximately +/- 0.4 microns per linear inch.
Detailed checkplots in PDF format will be provided within a couple hours ARO.
All masks will be imaged Chrome Side DOWN, unless otherwise specified.
Turn-around times are typically within just a few hours after approval of the checkplots and receipt of payment authorization.
Important LaserWriter Characteristics include:
No flash count or acute angle limitations.
True arcs, circles, donuts, custom apertures, irregular/complex polygons, arrays & more.
Digitally controlled stage.
Perfect for MEMS, Micro-Fluidics, Lab-on-a-Chip, Cell-Sorters, Thin Film, RF & microwave antenna, and Display applications,
Micro-Electronics, High Volume Rigid/Flex Circuit and Photochemical Machining Applications.
Maximum write times, in IC grade resist, measured in minutes, not days.

Important Note: In order to avoid delays in processing your order, please be sure to refer to and use the recommendations that we've included for Design Optimization. If you have any questions regarding these recommended design rules, please feel free to contact me for clarification! Thank you very much!

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