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Standard Photoplot Prices, as of February 08, 2014.
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Precision LASER PHOTOPLOTS on polyester-based film

Important: Please review our recommended Design Rules before submitting your design file!
The more your design conforms to these design rules, the faster we can process your order!
The more work we have to do to prepare your design for the plotter to use, the more it will cost and the longer it will take!

DPI (Plotter Resolution) US$ per sq. in. Minimum Price...  ...for image sizes up to Minimum Feature Size
10,160 $0.150 $30.00  200 sq. in. 25 m
16,256 $0.280 $35.00  125 sq. in. 20 m
20,320 $0.391 $45.00  115 sq. in. 15 m
25,400 $0.550 $55.00  100 sq. in. 12 m
32,512 $0.750 $75.00  100 sq. in. 10 m
40,640 $0.950 $95.00  100 sq. in. 8 m
50,800 $1.350 $135.00  100 sq. in. 7 m
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Important notes:
Ready-to-plot Gerber data (274-X, 274-D, F9000/MDA, or DPF) will be processed with no additional data conversion charge.
A Data Conversion Fee of $25 per file will apply to files provided in all other formats, such as
DWG/DXF, GDS/GDSII, CIF, EPS/PS/AI/PDF ($25 per page), and BMP (1-bit black/white[clear] bitmap).
(Bitmap or other image files with colors or shades other than black and clear will be converted to black/clear. All non-white pixels will become black.)
Check out our Design Optimization page to find out how to make plotter-ready files.
CAD editing is charged at $50/hr. This includes building files and/or major editing. We will contact you to discuss any editing that may be necessary.
After we finish preparing your data file for plotting, we will send you a digital checkplot image in PDF or BIN format. Once you approve the checkplot, your job will go to the plotter and your order will be invoiced. Additional charges will be applied if changes are requested after checkplot approval. Therefore, please review your checkplots very carefully!
Shipping is in addition to the prices shown above.

Our maximum film size is 28" x 32", with a maximum image size of 27.5" x 31.5".

Quotations are usually provided within just a few hours. Shipments usually occur within hours ARO and after checkplot approval.

Precision Laser Photoplot films are manufactured in the USA with pride for our Photoplot Store customers!

Important Note: In order to avoid delays in processing your order, please be sure to refer to and use the recommendations that we've included for Design Optimization. If you have any questions regarding these recommended design rules, please feel free to contact me for clarification! Thank you very much!

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